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Ball mill is the main equipment in various metal and non-metal ore beneficiation production lines. Henan Knock Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. not only has a complete range of equipment, but also has mature technology and guaranteed quality. At the same time, it can be customized according to the type of production materials and grinding requirements of users, with short delivery cycle and full service.

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How much do you know about ball mills?

The outstanding advantage of the ball mill equipment is that it can produce continuously, and the production capacity is as high as more than 600 tons per hour, which fully meets the needs of modern industrial mass production.

Working process:

when the ball mill is working, the materials enter the first chamber of the ball mill evenly by the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft screw. There are ladder lining plates or corrugated lining plates in the chamber, which are equipped with various specifications of steel balls. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the cylinder brings the steel balls to a certain height and then falls down, which has a heavy impact and grinding effect on the materials. After coarse grinding of materials in the first bin, the materials enter the second bin through a single-layer partition board. The bin is inlaid with a flat lining board and a steel ball to further grind the materials. The powder is discharged through the discharging grate plate to complete the grinding operation.


the design is more scientific and reasonable. The main shaft adopts large diameter double row self-aligning roller bearing, which is light and fast in operation and can reduce the consumption of electricity. --At the same time, the transmission device is greatly simplified, the work of the reducer and gear is more smooth, and the overhaul and maintenance are more convenient and quick.